3 Reasons I want my kids at church every week

Hey Thrivers,

Note: If you’re not a parent or single or a kid, read ahead for the purposes of empathy. 

Let’s face it, life is busy, tough and exhausting sometimes with work and family life commitments. Sometimes, the last thing you feel like doing is getting out the door to head off to church. Imagine being me, the pastor! Yep, I’ve had those thoughts too. But I am super grateful that my parents brought me up going to church almost every week because the benefits have definitely outweighed the sacrifice. 

Here’s the 3 reasons why I want my kids at church every week; 


I want my kids to be familiar and comfortable with our church community and the kids team leaders. I want my kids to be regular enough that they can form lasting friendships with other kids. I want my kids to experience the joy of forming a faith relationship with God expressed in community that will serve them in a healthy way throughout life. It’s very hard to form these connections in any context if it’s irregular, which is why sports and any discipline normally has a weekly commitment. I am already seeing the benefits and We (Terasa and I) are super grateful for our weekly gathering.

Let’s also be brutally honest and say that some weeks it’s disastrous with the little fellow, like it was with Seriyah when she was a toddler. Some weeks we discussed is it worth it managing the meltdowns and being out of the service to stop our kid crying and changing nappies! We think pushing through is worth it, but we all need the encouragement.
#I’mAparentGetMeOutOfHere #ParentsAreAwesome #ThankGodforThriveKidsTeam   


I can’t tell you how much I enjoy the conversations about faith and God (and Beanie Boos) I have with my daughter after church on the drive home.  It’s not every Sunday though. Some weeks I get the “dunno” or “nothing” responses but it’s great when we talk about the big ideas they’re discussing at kids church.

I love her questions about God that  sometimes I have to say, “great question, I’m not sure.” I love that my daughter is feeling comfortable to talk about faith and purpose and church in a healthy context. The weekly conversation is a special time for me and works best when I have good questions and engage her questions. I don’t want to lose this weekly opportunity catalysed by our commitment to church as a family.  


The biggest thing I learnt as a kid going to church weekly was not who God is and the bible memory verse (though this was mostly helpful). The biggest thing I learnt was actually caught rather than taught. I watched my Mum and Dad serve and contribute as leaders, deacons, kids team volunteers and generous givers. I watched my parents give and learnt this habit. I watched my parents live the value that church is a community to contribute to and not just receive from. This deeply impacted me as a kid and I want my daughter and son to catch in a healthy way, that we serve and help to make the church a community that can really flourish and impact beyond it’s walls.

I recently got a lot of joy from watching my daughter help set the chairs up and hand out the cards. She was begging me on the way to help the team. Now, this can happen because of my weekly ritual of arriving early to set up and get ready.  I know that’s not possible for everyone. It did remind me though that being committed in a weekly habit really does have great benefits. 

I am so grateful for our Thrive Kids ministry and the amazing team of volunteers and parents that serve to make this a safe and dynamic environment for our kids to flourish in faith. Not everyone gets this kind of church experience. I was blessed as kid to experience this and I am so grateful that my two kids can have this foundation too.

Feeling guilty about going to church is a bad reason to go to church. There are many good, compelling reasons to make the commitment when life is busy and stressful. Let’s cheer each other on to be where we can flourish together.

Oh…and thank you for helping make our church the kind of church where my kids can flourish!

See you Sunday!
Less noise. More presence. Better gift.

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